100 dogs killed when tour business slumped

This is not wildlife-related but involves the treatment of animals in a tour company in a wilderness setting.

I was astounded to read of the slaughter of 100 huskies when a tour company in Canada had a drop in visitation and therefore profits.  Apparently the vet refused to euthanize 100 healthy dogs, so it was done by guns and one report also says knives. It was apparently not a quick end for all of them, with  at least one  still alive when buried in a mass grave.

The over-riding company says efforts were made to relocate the dogs before the final decision was made, and that they  did not approve the methods used.

Another report says it is common practice for such operations to kill off surplus dogs when business slumps.  To me it would seem hard to have to do this even with sheep or geese, but I would have thought someone had to train all these dogs and develop some kind of relationship with them – did they know while working with them that so many may have to be dispatched while still in their prime?

I find it hard to imagine how so many dogs could be allowed to be accumulated by any business if there was a chance so many might need to be culled, and the method by which it happened seems quite atrocious.

The dogsled tours have been canceled for the moment, but they still offer horse-sled rides. What happens to surplus horses when that side of the business slumps?

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