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Chris Humfrey 'WIld Life'“Imagine if your home security was monitored by a howling pack of dingoes? Could you share the couch with a koala that has a thing for reality TV? And what about being woken up every morning by the lick of a Ringtail Possum sitting comfortably on your face.
Welcome to Chris Humfrey’s world. He’s a zoologist, passionate about wildlife, who lives with his wife Nicole and their young family on a sprawling private zoo in country Victoria. With more than 2000 amazing creatures in their care – including their daughters Taasha (4 yrs) and Charlie-Ashe (6 yrs) – Chris and Nicole share their property with an enthusiastic crew of Gen Y zookeepers. Every waking minute is consumed by animal and human dramas and dilemmas of one kind or another.”

So begins an introduction to Chris Humfrey’s TV  series “Wild Life”

Each week for the past 5 weeks Wildlife Tourism Australia has been asking a set of easy questions, the winner each week recevign from Universal Pictures (Australasia) a complete set of DVDs of the entire first series.

The competition has five more weeks to go.  Click here to read about the Wild Life Quiz (free entry)


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