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Platypus settling down for breeding?


Platypus have lived in  our part of Running Creek (Scenic Rim, Queensland)  for many years, but during the first half of each year they can be a little unpredictable, turning up in several places along our kilometre of creek frontage.  Around the middle of the year they seem to settle down to the serious business of deciding where they’ll be nesting and then raising their young. Wherever we see them appearing several times a week in July tends to be where we’ll then be seeing them for the rest of the year. This time it is in a spot we can walk to within half a minute from our Wildlife Ecology Centre and watch quietly from the cliffs above.

Scenic Rim Wildlife meeting

Members of the Scenic Rim branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland will be meeting at 4.30 pm on Sunday 18th July, at the close of the (free) full-day Wildlife Expo at Enterprise Drive, Beaudesert.

Non-members are cordially invited to come along and meet members and join in our discussion of the Expo and activities for the coming year, including our efforts to collate information on wildlife needa and potential habitat  corridors in our region.

Wildlife Information Centre

The Wildlife Information Centre on the Araucaria Ecotours property had its official opening at the end of September 2008. Those who attended enjoyed sangria or fruit juice and a guided tour of the Centre, the nature trails and the creek, and watched a short video on local wildlife with images and music by Darren Green. Ths Centre takes you through 500million years of Australia’s history, current Australian habitats, local fauna and flora, and the behaviour and ecology of wildlife using local examples. There is a children’s corner, an interactive computer and a screen for videos and other presentations. From the Centre lead various nature trails such as the Butterfly Walk