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Waterfalls flowing well on Tamborine Mountain

Cedar Creek Falls, Tamborine Mountain, QueenslandWe’ve just had the wettest October for several decades.

The waterfalls of the Scenic Rim have been looking great as a result  Here are two  of the falls on Tamborine Mountain.

The first is Cedar Creek Falls, amongst the open eucalypt forest near Thundrbird Park.

The other is the Curtis Falls at the Joalah section of Tamborine Mountain National Park, surrounded by rainforest.

Curtis Falls, Tamborine Mountain,

I’ve never known either of these falls to run dry, but they do vary in volume , and right now is an excellent time to see them.

Neither is massive, but both are very attractive, and the walk to each is rewarding.

Yellow-faced whipsnake about to shed skin?

This little snake (seen on our rainforests, glow worms and wine tour) had me confused at the Cedar Creek Falls last week.yellow-faced whipsnake at Cedar Creek Falls

It looked and behaved like a yellow-faced whipsnake – shy but not panicky, just wanting to quietly sunbathe on the side of the track and moving just a little at our approach – but it didn’t seem to have enough yellow on the face,  and the body looked too dark and dull.

Looking carefully at the markings around the eye, they were in the right place, just not as bright as usual, and the eye seemed unusually dark and dull.

I now think it is a yellow-faced whipsnake after all, but about to shed its skin – hence the dull appearance of body, face and eye.